Software Delivery Process

Feefo distribute their development focus across the three product pillars, Connect, Convert and Optimise, each supported by a dedicated Agile scrum development team consisting of the corresponding product owner, scrum master and software/quality assurance engineers. Alongside the core pillar teams there are two additional scrum teams, one to triage and resolve third-line support escalations and the other to deliver traction on technical initiatives/projects. With the exception of the third-line support team who operate within 1 week sprints, all other teams work against a two week sprint cycle.

Across the teams a weekly release planning meeting is held where the product owners put forward completed deliverables (feature branches) to be submitted to the latest release candidate which, once the scope has been finalised, enters a full system regression test prior to release the following week. Production releases typically take place on a weekly basis on a Wednesday morning subject to satisfactory regression testing, with a production smoke test following the release to identify and resolve any rare deployment related issues.

Details of pertinent releases are shared with customers via email broadcasts, knowledge base release notes and in-app announcements and prompts.