Feefo offer different levels of moderation. The first level is an automatic filter which removes profanities, litigious comments, personal information etc. This filter works across for English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Italian


The application also allows the merchant to quarantine a review which will be removed immediately and reviewed within 2 working days. This will then trigger an email to the Feefo support team explaining why it has been quarantined. Feefo and the merchant will then consult the moderation guidelines to decide how to deal with the review. 


Moderation guidelines can be found here:


Moderation of video content is outsourced



  • Surveys – Phase 1 
  • Client ROI Reporting 
  • Smart Themes Enhancements 
  • Sales Upload enhancements 
  • Widget UX Enhancements 
  • Single sign-on
  • Algorithmic Moderation



  • Bespoke CRO Widgets 
  • Conversion impact report 
  • Online Opinion Widget 
  • Reliable CSV Export 
  • Product Review Carousel 
  • Social Media Overhaul 
  • Campaign Manager Restructure and Enhancements 
  • A/B Testing


Product Pillars


Connect with your customers at any stage of the journey with content tailored specifically to them.



Build trust and engagement to improve SEO, increase traffic and boost sales.



Real reviews, mean real insight. Perfect the customer experience and make informed decisions.



1-10 Net Promoter Score

"How likely are you to recommend <Merchant Name> to a friend, relative or colleague?"


Send personalised text messages directly to your audience so that you can reach more people and receive more feedback

Campaign Manager Tool

Enables the merchant to provide multiple tailored communications to your students at specific touchpoints, split test campaigns and benchmark how each campaign is performing 

Custom Questions

Add additional question(s) to your feedback form, worded as required

Insight Tags

Tag and track comments, phrases and opinions across feedback

Setup up tag alerts and pre-defined responses. 

Performance Profiling

Machine learning algorithm (AI) which will analyse the content of the reviews and surface the current trending themes and topics within the feedback

It will also highlight the sentiment of the reviews, so you could understand how people feel about individual courses and what elements are working well/could be better. 

Smart Themes

Use AI to sort and display on-site reviews into topics that help potential guests find relevant feedback 

Display Options

Facebook Reviews Tab

Showcase reviews on your Facebook Business Page (2,000 fans required) 

Feefo Places

Collect and display offline reviews for your properties. 

Pop-Up Reviews

Showcase service or property reviews whilst keeping the consumer on site. 

Choose from a range of animated widgets to showcase top reviews 

Slide-Out Reviews Tab

Keep Feefo service ratings permanently visible with an interactive floating widget, which allows consumers to read reviews whilst keeping them on site. 

Score Badge

Choose from a range of badges which can be placed anywhere on site to showcase Feefo service and/or product ratings and boost conversion. 

Product Stars

Display the ratings summary of each of your properties in your catalogue search results page with one dynamic integration.


On-page Reviews

Integrate review content directly on testimonial and property catalogue pages to build trust, drive conversion and boost SEO. 

Promote user generated content by displaying photos and videos uploaded by guests. 

Product Ratings API

Returns a list of all of the merchant's products with their average ratings calculated over a defined period, the default being the last five years' worth of data.

Reviews API

Fully flexible method for integrating Feefo reviews into a merchant's website and is known as a Customisable Integration. This method involves the merchant's server retrieving feedback data from Feefo's servers using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), processing the returned data and customising it where needed ready for displaying within specific pages of the merchant's website.


All languages excluding Latvia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Serbian, Slovenian and Lithuanian.