10-12 weeks as standard

Up to 20 weeks dependant on requirements, eg. Prodcuts, number of sites, importing reviews, internal workload"


Dedicated contact email or

9:00 - 17:30 UK time

Responses within 24 hours

Phone, live chat (Basecamp) or email


e appoint a dedicated Implementation Consultant(s) who will manage the technical delivery of an implementation project. 


The Implementation Consultant(s) is supported by 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support who are on hand to provide additional expertise as required. 


Your dedicated Customer Success Director will also be on hand throughout the implementation journey and will be a key strategic point of contact going forward. 


A personalised timeline and project plan will be supplied, and the process managed using a shared Basecamp project. 

Data Migration

We have database tools which will enable us to import reviews. This is a common requirement for incoming clients and so has been invested in to make this process as simple as possible. 


Typically, the risk would be that this is a bottleneck to progressing further into the implementation phase as some suppliers have contracts which restrict the movement/ownership of reviews data. 


In terms of time, the main part of this process revolves around mapping data to an acceptable file format that Feefo can ingest. 


This is different for every client as each industry supplier has a different file format and/or processes different sets of data. If the data has been hosted directly by the merchant, then this should be a quicker process.

Data Extract

Two Options

  1. Within the Feefo hub there is the ability to export specific review data or you can download a csv file of all the data should you wish.  This is a front end self-serve function which can be done by anyone with the correct permissions.
  2. Secondly Feefo has a Reviews API which can be used to programmatically extract all review data and the associated transactional data you have supplied.


We can supply controlled access to a test environment as part of the implementation project. 


Typically, this would be initially be populated with data migrated from the incumbent platform. Access could be retained on an ongoing basis for testing/development if requested.