Optimise SEO

Collecting reviews with Feefo can make the merchant eligible for organic stars, providing the websites are marked up correctly with the relevant schema. 


Social signals, eg. Shares and likes on Facebook, will help to improve search ranking. Sharing on social media builds trustworthy backlinks to the merchant websites and increases brand awareness. 


Rich snippets, eg. Google star ratings, can help the merchant stand out in search results, improving CTR 


Both on-page and customisable integration make it easy to display reviews on the websites, which can help SEO and CTR once the correct schema has been added.

Travel and Hospitality

Marketing Developments

In a highly competitive market, the travel industry is no stranger to the fact that providing customers with memorable experiences is now fundamental to success, and that greater personalisation is needed at every stage.


If customer service is constantly informed by what travellers and holidaymakers are saying and feeling, then every travel operator can quickly learn what is going right or wrong. It is why a renewed focus on gauging customer sentiment will be one of the key trends. This is a critical capability in the context of the experience economy when competing on product and price are no longer enough to attract and keep customers.


Brands that listen and learn from their customers and use these powerful and very real stories to sell their experiences will continue to be very successful. Utilising social channels such as Instagram will continue to be the best way to reach younger audiences with highly shareable photo and video content; whilst a focus on sustainability is set to be a key development as more and more travellers start to factor in the environmental impacts when booking their next trip.


More and more travellers are turning to mobile to book, talk about and share their holiday experiences. Having a fully optimised mobile experience, from booking to check-out, will become essential.  

Consumers want a complete experience that is consistent from start to finish and has that touch of stardust, personalised finesse or uniqueness that makes a visit or holiday memorable.

Role of Technology in eCommerce

The growth of the experience economy and the desire for increased personalisation will continue to be real catalysts for the uptake of more and more sophisticated technology that will continue to make life easier for travellers, guests and operators. 


Customer insight and analytics tools will help travel brands really understand their customers and unearth stories and experiences they can transform into shareable content across their digital channels. 


Voice search will grow in importance as smart phones and speakers become the go to source for millennials and Gen Z travellers looking to research and book on-the-go.  


Artificial intelligence and chatbots will also become even more sophisticated, capable of dealing with a wider range of queries online and reducing the strain on businesses by making previously labour intensive and data heavy tasks more efficient.

Technology Trends

Feefo will be incorporating AI and machine learning more and more as our product evolves, across each product pillar. Leveraging the technology to: 



Optimise the best time of day and channel to collect feedback responses, prompt users to feedback on particular themes of relevance within the industry or known areas of opportunity/strength for resorts, destinations etc 



Extend our current AI solutions in this area. Pulling UGC from various platforms in which existing customers are commenting or sharing visual media about brands, products and services received. Allowing clever ways for clients to aggregate and curate their own displays of this content. Leveraging topic analysis to offer intuitive search controls for consumers looking at a brands UGC and offering specific targeting for those brands to better match UGC to consumers interest 



Extend our current AI reporting, providing additional analysis to show the potential ROI for brands when taking action on particular topics of interest that emerge from AI analysis of consumer feedback. Predicting the impact for your business when addressing customer concerns or areas of opportunity. Visualising the customer experience, providing deeper analysis on sentiment from customers across very touchpoint with the brand.

Key Objectives and Challenges

Reacting and improving customer experience in real time, not just fixing for future customers but having all the relevant listening posts and touch points in place to facilitate and enhance a customer’s experience. 


Feedback fatigue is an industry challenge – partnering with a Vendor that can help you reach your customers where they are, that is flexible and helps to collect feedback and reviews in a way that suits consumers.


Curating the customer experience and providing social proof across owned media and estates but also across third party platforms, ensuring a consistent and positive message for a brands current and potential consumers.

Case Studies