Support Tickets

Feefo support functions operate between 9am and 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.  Presently, there is no out-of-hours provision due to there being very little demand / benefit to customers outside core hours.  


Tickets can be raised with first-line support (the Customer Support Team) via the following channels: 

  • Email to 
  • Livechat on the Feefo Hub 
  • Telephone the general Feefo number, opt 2 
  • Via the Knowledgebase Portal at 


All tickets will be automatically allocated a ticket number and placed in a queue for attention from the team.  Generally, tickets received are dealt with in order of receipt.  


All tickets should be raised with first-line support, as this team is responsible for troubleshooting, fault replication, and triage to second-line (Feefo Technical) where a resolution cannot be found in the first instance.  This ensures that, were possible, an early resolution can be reached without overburdening second-line support. 


If a ticket is raised via the portal or email, the requestor will receive an automatic acknowledgement confirming the ticket number and (if this is the first ticket raised) details for how to log into the portal to track updates on progress, where these have been made visible – customers will not be able to read internal communications about the ticket.  


The first-line team will issue an acknowledgement of the ticket within 2 business days.  This is the SLA for first acknowledgement – customers may expect to receive this confirmation within 4 hours of raising the ticket, although this is not guaranteed and subject to demand of other customers and ticket priorities. 


The first-line support team endeavour to resolve 70% of tickets raised on first contact with the customer.  This can have a minor impact on first response time because the team will, in some cases, seek to find a resolution prior to confirming receipt of the ticket. 


The second-line team endeavour to resolve 50% of tickets raised to them on first contact.

Ticket Priorities

These priorities relate to where first-line and second-line are unable to resolve the ticket and escalation to the Feefo Development Team is required.


The development team operate in Agile scrums, with a Rapid Response Team and individual scrums aligned to each of the three product pillars.  The Rapid Response Team operates in one-week sprint cycles with work prioritised based on meetings (to evaluate scope and scale) chaired by the Head of Technical Delivery and attendee stakeholders from Customer Success / Customer Operations. 


The priorities detailed below are subject to review and change periodically to ensure best-in-class service delivery.

Priority 1 – Blocker

A major functionality of the Feefo Hub is not working and there is a high impact on customers’ ability to use the Hub for its core purpose.  Could include data loss or corruption of data and / or security vulnerabilities.  Most likely an issue that affects all or a majority of customers. 


On receipt of ticket (if the source of the ticket is not Feefo) –  

  • Ticket triaged through second-line into the development rapid-response queue / initial response from first-line to customer – 1 hour. 
  • Triaged into Developers main queue – 1 hour. 
  • Hotfix and / or resolution passed back to first-line 1-3 days 
  • Priority 1 tickets will demand significant development resource and will impact all other SLAs. 


Priority 2 – High

Impact is limited to a specific area of functionality but impact is high (affects significant number of customers). 


On receipt of ticket (if the source of the ticket is not Feefo) –  

  • Ticket triaged through second-line into the development rapid-response queue / initial response from first-line to customer – 4 hours. 
  • Triaged into Developers main queue – 2 hours. 
  • Hotfix and / or resolution passed back to first-line 1 working week. 


Priority 2 tickets will demand an increased development resource - Senior Management approval is required.  Where there are a number of these tickets, they will be prioritised based on customer impact. In this instance, it may not be possible to give accurate timescales for resolution.  These will be worked on by the Rapid Response Scrum.


Priority 3 - Medium    

Minor functionality is not working and there is no workaround. 

  • Escalation through first and second-line to development team within 7 working days 
  • Ticket added to product pillar backlog for prioritisation against other workstreams and inclusion on appropriate Sprint 
  • Updates from the first-line team 

Priority 4 – Low 

Minor functionality issue where there is a workaround.  Change requests. 

  • Added to the product pillar backlog.