Advertising for Facebook 


Feefo’s Advertising for Facebook offers a quick and simple way of seamlessly adding your Feefo reviews to your Facebook ads. This is a good option if you don’t have enough likes on Facebook to integrate the Feefo Widget 

This can help you out by: 

  • Increasing your ad conversions and click-through rate  

  • Getting a greater return on your ad spend and reducing the cost-per-click 

  • Boosting customer confidence in your brand  

This feature enables you to enhance your Facebook Dynamic Ads with Feefo stars by showing the product’s average rating within the adhelping make your paid ads as engaging as possible.  

They’ll look a little something like this:  



To get started, you need to have:  

  • Advertising for Facebook added to your account (Get in touch with our sales team to do this) 

  • A Facebook Business Manager account 

  • A Facebook ad account 

  • The Facebook Pixel (This is a piece of JavaScript code that tracks your customer’s journey) 

  • A Google/ Facebook product catalogue  

  • A Facebook page  

To find out more about Advertising for Facebook, get in touch with a member of our team!