Handling data upload errors 


As we have described in our previous article, you can upload sales manually from the Feefo Hub.  

Once your sales data has been uploaded and processed, you can check the status of your uploads in a report, which looks like this:  

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The report shows the status of each individual sales line, and any errors will be flagged.  

The report can identify any of the following errors in your data: 

  • Duplicate order lines: This is when the order ref and the product search code match another line. This usually means that the sales have been loaded twice accidentally, so Feefo will filter these out to make sure the customer only receives one feedback request.  

  • The number of rejected order lines: The most common reasons for rejected order lines are incorrect column headings, incorrect Merchant Identifiers, or order refs which have already been closed. If the number of rejected order lines is greater than 2%, the whole file will be rejected.  

  • The number of blocked lines: Certain products can be blocked from being uploaded by their description, product search code or a prefix (used for blocking a large number of products). This could be something like a free gift or a giftcard, where a review wouldn’t be relevant.  

  • The number of invalid lines: This is when the sales data isn’t in the right format, so an incorrect email address format, for example.  

  • The number of opted out lines: This will highlight the customers who have opted out of receiving Feefo feedback requests.  

Once any errors have been fixed, and the file has loaded successfully, click ‘OK’ on the Upload Report.  

To bring up a report of a previous upload, simply head to ‘Sales > Sales Upload History’, and click ‘Show Details’ on the report you’d like to look at.  

If you’re unsure about the errors that have been flagged in your report, contact our technical team or log a ticket on the Feefo Support Portal, and someone will be in touch.