How to send data to Feefo


To start generating feedback, you’ll need to first send us your sales data. 

What is sales data?

Your sales data is made up from a list of your recent customers and the details of their purchases or interaction with your business. When we receive this from you, we can then send a feedback request to the customers that are listed. The feedback request includes a link to a feedback form, where your customers can leave their review. 


How do I send sales data to Feefo?

There are lots of different ways to send your sale data over to us, and the best way for you will all depend on your business. 


If you’re not sure which option is best for you, we can help you decide. 


Manual upload: 

You can manually upload your data through the Feefo Hub, which a great method if you don’t have access to development resources. You can find full instructions on how to do a manual upload from the Feefo Hub here.


Automated upload:

There are a few ways of sending your data over automatically. You can upload your sales file to our SFTP for us to process, we can fetch a sales file from you, or, if  you have an ecommerce website, we have a JS plugin that you could use.

These are good options if you don’t have resource to commit to regular manual uploads and would like to save yourself some time. If you have a high volume of data we will always recommend that you look to implement one of these methods. Find out more about automatically uploading your data here.



Our entersaleremotely API is a great way of sending your data over in real time and is the perfect option if you’d like your customers to receive their feedback requests right after their purchase. Find out more about using the API here


Ecommerce plugin: 

We have developed some easy-to-install apps and plugins to allow you to integrate Feefo with platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento quickly and easily. You can read more about these handy plugins here.


It’s also a good idea to send over your product catalogue as well as using one of these methods.


Why should I send Feefo product data?

Your product catalogue includes a list of your products and all of the product information and images. Once your sales data is uploaded, each sale is matched to a product in your catalogue, and all the product information will be sent throughout the Feefo Hub, into your reports, and to your customers. 

Sending over your product catalogue helps in a few ways – not only are products easier to identify, but it also means that Google can process your data quicker. 

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