Feedback preferences

The feedback preferences area of the Hub allows you to choose what type of feedback is displayed, set up which reviews you want to monitor, put a limit on the number of feedback requests your customers can receive within a set time period and choose a default customer name. 

Change which feedback to display publicly

You can decide whether to display just service reviews, product reviews or both on your public Feefo page. Simply select which option is best for you. You can also choose whether to publicly display customer uploaded media, such as photo and video reviews, by ticking the box.

Choose which feedback you want to monitor

The Monitored Feedback section allows you to track feedback you haven’t responded to yet. Feefo automatically tracks one and two-star reviews by default, but you can track reviews of any star ratings by ticking the relevant boxes within this section. The number of monitored reviews that haven’t been responded to will be shown alongside your average response time and response rate on your main dashboard when you login to the Hub.

How to stop customers from receiving too many feedback requests

The Scheduling section of the Feedback Preferences section allows you to set a ‘minimum interval’ for repeat customers. This means customers cannot be sent multiple feedback requests within a set time period. You can set this to any number of days, weeks or months.

Ticking the ‘Allow additional unprompted feedback’ box allows customers to add further comments and rerate your business at a later date by using the same review link they received in their initial feedback request. 

How to change the default customers name and date format

The ‘Uploading settings’ of the Feedback Preferences section allows you to change the default customer name. This is the name used in all communications from Feefo to your customers if their name could not be specified within your sales data. This could be something as simple as ‘customer’ or something more tailored to your brand.

If you upload your sales data via a non-excelfile format, you can specify which country your sales data is coming from, so the dates are processed correctly. Please choose the correct country from the drop-down list.