Feefo 4.0.7 - 14/08/2018 - This is an overview of the new and updated features:

Feefo Hub

New enhanced insights for Performance Profiling customers

We’ve recently released a range of new and exciting improvements to Performance Profiling that will help you identify insights quicker from the consumer feedback you’ve collected.

Product insights – Drill down deeper into your product reviews than ever before. The enhanced product performance report allows you to easily compare individual product star ratings and sentiment to gain a better understanding on products that are performing or under-performing.  
Consumer content metrics – Discover more detailed insights using our all new Sentiment Score, which accurately measures positive and negative emotion contained within your review content.  The score ranges from -100 (very negative) to 100 (very positive). A high score indicates the content contains mostly positive emotions and a low score indicates mostly negative emotions are being expressed. This lets you quickly see the areas of your business that need improving, as well as the topics that you could use to help promote your business.

View sentiment score change - The new sentiment trend chart allows you to monitor sentiment changes over time, helping you track progress on any action taken.

Feefo 4.0.6 - 14/08/2018This is an overview of the new and updated features:

Feefo Hub

  • General UX improvements. Download feedback report formatting issues resolved.

Feefo SMS

  • Australia added to list of supported countries.

Feefo 4.0.5 - 10/07/2018This is an overview of the new and updated features:

Feefo Hub

  • Navigation– UX improvements to the main navigation bar. Email notifications:
  • Time frame selection:
    • Universal update allowing “All time” to be specified as the timeframe for reporting/feedback management.
    • Retaining selected time frame when moving between pages.
  • Feedback area: 
    • Auto expansion of textarea for replying to feedback making it easier to review your reply.
    • Bug fix relating to display of reviews pending moderation review.


  • General   – Bug fix relating to display of widgets on Shopify platform websites.

Feefo 4.0.4 - 26/06/2018This is an overview of the new and updated features:

Feefo Hub

  • NPS – A new NPS tab has been added when viewing an individual customer review within the feedback section. This provides a quick and informative way of viewing the NPS score whilst providing access to the overall NPS performance report.
  • Email notifications - Email notifications to merchants have been updated with a new look and now provide more relevant content. The enhanced emails include those involving password changes, distribution of reports and notifications concerning any reviews received. Note that there have been no changes to any emails sent to consumers.

Feefo 4.0.3 - 04/06/2018This is an overview of the new and updated features:

Feefo Hub

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Release notes for earlier versions can be found at: