This article introduces the features and requirements of Advertising for Facebook.

Our Facebook Integration is a quick and simple way for merchants who have more than 2000 fans (this is a Facebook limitation) to add Feefo customer reviews to their Facebook pages. If this isn't an option for your business or if you need deeper integration between Feefo and Facebook, you'll need Feefo's Advertising for Facebook. 

Advertising for Facebook allows you to enrich your Facebook Dynamic Ads with Feefo stars showing the product's average rating and the number of reviews submitted. It also takes targeted advertising using Facebook Dynamic Ad campaigns to a new level by serving adverts that are dependent on the Feefo rating the customer has previously submitted; for example, those leaving a 5-star review could be presented with different content from other customers. This is done by using the Facebook Pixel to track the customer's journey through Feefo and the rating they submit for your business/products.

With Advertising for Facebook fully configured, the Facebook Ads are shown with ratings included. As Facebook provides various advert configurations, the exact appearance will depend on the options you have chosen but the single advert can be customised to appear similar to:

And the carousel view can be customised to appear similar to:

To access the full benefits of Advertising for Facebook you need:

  • Advertising for Facebook added to your account. Please call our Sales Team on +44 (0)203 553 9407.
  • A Facebook Business Manager account.
  • A Facebook Ad account or access to an ad account.
  • The Facebook Pixel, a piece of JavaScript code that tracks your customer’s web journey. In Feefo's application, it also tracks the Feefo service rating, product rating and NPS (Net Promoter Score) left by the customer.
  • A product catalogue. You can use an existing product catalogue that's already in use with other online shopping portals or create a new one just for Feefo.
  • A Facebook page.