This article describes how you can integrate your customer-generated reviews and feedback collected on Feefo into your Facebook pages.

We offer 2 possible Facebook Reviews Tab solutions:

  1. Adding your Feefo reviews to a tab within your Facebook page. This gives Facebook users access to all of your Feefo reviews which can include reviewers photos and videos. This integration method is available to all merchants with more than 2000 fans (people who like the page) and can be setup easily by following the instructions in this article.
  2. Adding Feefo stars and ratings to your Facebook Dynamic Ads. Targeted Facebook ads help boost click-through rates but without knowing how previous customers have rated the product, many Facebook users will pass by without finding out more. Advertising for Facebook adds Feefo ratings to the ads giving users insight into the quality of the product and therefore a further reason to explore your advertised products. Advertising for Facebook is an optional product that can be added to your Feefo account by calling our Sales Team on +44 (0)203 553 9407.

Facebook can be configured so that Feefo reviews are accessed directly from a tab on your Facebook page. To do this, you must have an active Feefo account and be the Admin User of the Facebook page.

  1. Login to Facebook using a personal account.
  2. Enter the following URL into the browser:
  3. Select the 'Click To Add To Page' button.
  4. A prompt will be displayed as below to select the Facebook page that the Feefo feedback feed will be added to:

  5. Click on ‘Facebook Pages’ and a list of Facebook pages where the tab can be added will be displayed. Select the appropriate Facebook page from the list.
  6. Click on ‘Add Page Tab’. This will add the Feefo tab to the selected Facebook page and redisplay the personal Facebook page again.
  7. To check the installation, select the dropdown highlighted below (in the top right corner of the Facebook window):

  8. From the ‘Your Pages’ section, choose the appropriate Facebook page from the list.
  9. On the displayed page, look for the Feefo Facebook Widget. It can be identified by the following logo:

    A maximum of three apps are listed in this section, therefore, it is quite likely that the Feefo Facebook Widget will not be visible at this stage. If the widget is visible in the Apps section, ignore the rest of Step 9 and move directly to Step 10. If the widget is not visible, continue to work through the following instructions to rearrange the apps.

    Click on the ‘Explore Apps’ button in the top right corner of the Apps section (highlighted in red below):

    This opens a window listing all apps available from this Facebook page:

    In this example, Feefo's widget is the fourth app in the list so will not be shown unless this window is opened.

    As customers are often looking for reviews, Feefo recommends that the Feefo widget is positioned as one of first three apps so that it is always visible on the Facebook page.

    To change the position of the widget, locate ‘More’ below the page’s cover photo and select ‘Manage Tabs’ as below:

    This opens the Manage Tabs window showing the apps on the page.

    Note that in the above list the first few items in the list are tabs that must be listed above the apps. In this example, Feefo can only be moved to just above the ‘Chat Live Now!’ app.

    To move the ‘Feefo Reviews’ widget, place your cursor on ‘Feefo Reviews’, press and hold the left mouse button and drag the widget to the preferred location. The result will be similar to the following:

    Once the revised order is defined, click on ‘Save’ to save the changes.

  10. Click on the Feefo widget. If this is your first Facebook page to have the Feefo widget added, the following prompt will be displayed. If not the first page, the prompt will not be displayed:


    • Merchant identifier or logon = the Feefo-supplied merchant identifier (e.g. example-retail-merchant) or V1 logon (e.g. or or (where %20 is used to represent white space)). This is a mandatory field.
    • V2 tags = the list of sales tags that define the level of data to be presented. The list is optional for a merchant identifier and is ignored when using a V1 logon. Only values that have been previously assigned to the your sales data can be listed, however examples could include a tag for the method of sale (e.g. saleschannel=web, saleschannel=phone) or country (e.g. country=uk, country=Germany) or several tags that need to be included (e.g. saleschannel=web,country=Germany).
    • No. of reviews to display = how many customer reviews will be displayed. The default is 25 but this can be edited by typing a number directly into the text box or by using the increment/decrement arrows alongside the text field.
  11. Click on ‘Add Feefo Reviews’.
  12. Once completed the integration can be customised by configuring your Facebook Widget preferences. These can be accessed from the Feefo Hub using 'Marketing > Facebook Widget'.
  13. The Integration Features configure how your reviews will be displayed in Facebook.
    • 'Show Media Panel' determines whether the photos and videos are shown above the list of reviews.
    • 'Show Product Attributes' gives access to additional product attributes (for example, quality, comfort, fit, performance etc.) from each review through the button.
    • 'Show Replies' shows the full conversation between the customer and your business, including any replies and additional customer feedback.
  14. Assuming all of the Integration Features are enabled, Facebook reviews are displayed in a similar way to the following:
  15. The number of reviews to be displayed can be configured using the service/product 'Rating Timeframe' parameter which is within the 'Marketing > Widgets Gallery > General Settings'. Options available are to display only reviews left in the past year or all reviews associated with the account. Depending on the number of available reviews, choosing 'All Reviews' can increase the time it takes to list content.

If problems are encountered during the integration, please contact Feefo’s technical support team. If the Feefo widget needs to be removed, follow the steps as for any Facebook app which can be found on Facebook's Help Centre.

Now that you have Feefo reviews on your Facebook page, why not add product ratings to your Facebook Dynamic Ads? This can be done through Advertising for Facebook