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locale defines the language of the Feefo emails that you send to a customer including the feedback request email, the merchant response emails and any follow-up emails.

As each line in a sales file can have a single locale defined, one sales file can upload sales data for customers with different locales resulting in the correct language emails being sent to the each customer. If a sale does not have a locale defined or the value entered is not supported or is invalid, then those sales will use the language and country defined by a campaign. For accounts without Multiple Campaigns, this will be the language defined in the default campaign and for accounts with Multiple Campaigns it will be determined by whichever custom campaign is used. See Campaign Preferences for more details.

Supported locale values are:

Language locale
Bulgarian bg
Chinese (Simplified) zh_CN
Chinese (Traditional - Hong Kong) zh_HK
Czech cs
Danish da
Dutch nl
English en
Finnish fi
French (Canadian) fr_CA
French (European) fr
German de
Greek el
Hungarian hu
Indonesian* in
Italian it
Japanese ja
Korean ko
Norwegian no
Polish pl
Portuguese (Brazilian) pt_BR
Portuguese (European) pt
Romanian ro
Russian ru
Slovak sk
Spanish es
Swedish sv
Thai th
Turkish tr

* Feefo supports only locales offered by Java and so for a small number of languages (e.g. Indonesian), the locale value differs from that published in ISO-639.

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