The feedback process begins with you sending us a sales file, which is a list of your recent customers, together with what they’ve purchased and when. Once we have the data, we send a feedback request to all listed customers that includes a link to a feedback form where the reviewer records their feedback.

Feefo can receive the sales data by any of the following methods:

The sales file can be supplied to Feefo either as a tab delimited text file (UTF-8 encoded) or as XML. The file should contain one line of data for each order line of a given sale. Sales files are used for manual uploads and HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and SFTP transfers. For more details about the format and fields of a sales file, see Sales Files.

The Feefo JavaScript plugin offers an automated method for sending sales data that is obtained from your eCommerce website. By inserting a generated iFrame on your sale confirmation web page, each sale from the website will be processed automatically and the necessary information sent directly to us. More details can be found at JavaScript Sale Integration.

Feefo will also accept sales order data in the form of a single sales line at a time. This is executed using a call to a Java Server Page API, Entersaleremotely. It’s not the preferred method as it has several limitations. More details can be found at Entersaleremotely API.

Feefo offers a selection of easy to install plugins to process order data from various eCommerce platforms:

  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • WooCommerce

See eCommerce Plugins for more details.

Sales Files